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A PR and Marketing Agency with a Difference

PR, marketing and copywriting to increase the perceived value of your offering and your actual revenue.

Solution Factors was founded in 2003, forming a new type of PR, marketing and copywriting agency with a mission to grow client companies. Now, it has they have an enviable track record.

Unique Approach
Frustrated by the industry’s habit of cramming customers’ business needs into often inappropriate solutions, we have quietly taken an alternative route which has delivered:

  • Outsourced PR and marketing services that cost less than employing an equivalent role in house.
  • A history of growing client companies.
  • Clients that remain with us because we’re achieving results. We do not lock clients into lengthy contracts or charge a retainer – they are free to walk away whenever they wish.
  • A mentoring service to help fledgling marketing professionals to take control of their role and grow the organisation that employs them.
  • Relationships that are built on honesty and results.
  • Examples of how Solution Factors can be helicoptered into your business to provide maternity cover or interim assistance.

Our customers range from international organisations, charities and SMEs to sole traders. We are happy to help anyone, and have become a ‘trusted source’ of advice and services for those who work with us. Some of our largest customers have admitted that we have outperformed some of the larger, award-winning agencies they’ve used.

In-house skills
Unlike most other agencies and consultants, Solution Factors’ success is largely down to the fact that it does not subcontract services. All of the expertise and facilities are in -house, and the pool of company-specific information that develops within the team plays a major role in aiding client growth.

In instances where we do not have a specific discipline in-house (e.g. printing or website coding), we make recommendations from our preferred suppliers that we think would suit your organisation. We also manage these suppliers so that you still have a single point of contact and know that we are keeping projects within agreed budgets, without shouldering reseller margins.

Get in touch:

Please take a look at our track record for examples of how we’ve helped clients achieve results and call us on +44 (0)1327 354969 or email [email protected] for assistance.