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PR and Marketing Achievements for Organisations that Support Children and Young People

Here are a few examples of our achievements while working for organisations that support children and young people.

  1. Solution Factors wrote a series of donor magazines based on information from technical reports, to support sustained sponsorship of children for an international charity.
  2. Within just two weeks, Solution Factors generated media coverage to help a children’s charity win a televised fundraising competition by receiving a large number of public votes.
  3. In the few weeks before National Adoption Week, Solution Factors ran a successful social media campaign for a local adoption charity. The campaign increased their Facebook post reach by over 3000%, created 190 new LinkedIn connections and opened a dialogue between the charity and potential adopters who saw the campaign. The success and originality of the campaign was later commended at a trustee day.
  4. The founder of Solution Factors worked with a local photographer in running a publicity event for Operation Christmas Child. It attracted new corporate support from household names, and during the event thousands of donations were made by members of the public. On following some of the donations to destinations in Belarus, Solution Factors wrote stories for the media which triggered unprecedented responses from editors saying how moved they were.

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