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PR and Marketing Achievements in Property and Construction

Here are a few examples of our achievements for clients in the property and construction industry.

  1. Solution Factors wrote a £28-million bid tender for a large construction firm. According to vendor feedback, they were shortlisted on the strength of this document alone.
  2.  Using Solution Factors’ PR, a property portal dramatically increased its web visitor count, and attracted significant investment. It soon rivalled Rightmove, and regularly appeared in the national media.
  3. Solution Factors was involved in renaming and rebranding an international property investment company. Six months after replacing the company website, the founder closed the UK’s largest commercial property deal, and a little later opened three new offices overseas.
  4. Within ten months, Solution Factors provided a regional property company with media coverage that would normally have cost around £20,000 in advertising space. Taking Solution Factors’ editorial approach, it only cost £8000.
  5. Solution Factors launched and marketed workflow software designed for the highways construction and utilities industries. So far it’s been either been shortlisted or won 14 high-profile awards and has attracted new, market-leading customers and won multi-million pound contracts.

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