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PR and Marketing Achievements in the Technology Industry

Here are a few examples of our achievements for clients in the technology industry:

  1. Solution Factors engaged a new prospect through social media and, as a result, wrote a PQQ for a client, after which the company was shortlisted for an opportunity worth up to
  2. Within seven months of taking over the UK marketing arm of a global technology developer and manufacturer, they were outperforming all other national branches in datacentre solution sales.
  3. Solution Factors helped an IT services company grow from 14 to 32 employees and from one to six offices within two years.
  4. By quickly understanding an international software company’s new products, Solution Factors was able to write marketing material and email campaigns from scratch, which produced a first sale of more than $35,000. Now the new products are used by some of the world’s best-known mobile phone brands.
  5. We launched new software to niche markets and provided ongoing marketing. In addition, we have written competition submissions from which companies have won numerous national and regional awards for innovation.
  6. Solution Factors demystified an established computer services company’s offering, and promoted it primarily through direct marketing. It grew from £8 million to £24 million in six years, without a significant increase in headcount.
  7. We produced new product literature for a medical technology company purely based on lab results slides.

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