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Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Every business-to-business email marketing solutions provider makes effective email marketing campaigns look incredibly easy to deliver. However, in reality, how many of these email marketing services have directly delivered a return on investment?
Unfortunately, email marketing has been abused over the years, to the extent that most business people proactively defend their inboxes from unsolicited mail – and who can blame them. Solution Factors prevents its clients from joining this online marketing assault by:

Improving your targeting
Only using 100% compliant email marketing software and databases maintaining your marketing database, so it remains compliant;

  • Only incorporating graphics if it will improve a campaign’s return on investment
  • Carefully selecting the type and style of message used
  • Only recommending an email campaign as part of your overall marketing strategy/plan
  • Feeding back honest email marketing statistics
  • Only suggesting email marketing if we genuinely believe it will help grow your business.

By taking this approach, Solution Factors has built a track record of generating new business through email marketing where others have failed.


A client in the financial services industry had been marketing to a database via email for two years, using another PR and marketing agency – it hadn’t produced a single lead. When they handed their email marketing to Solution Factors, the same database started to produce qualified new business leads.

On some occasions, the leads that were generated gave extremely high returns. For example, an initial email campaign for a commercial interiors company generated a lead worth £140,000. An email campaign strategy for a technology intelligence company generated a lead at Samsung’s global HQ.

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