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Marketing Newsletter Copywriting and Editing Services

We often recommend company newsletters in organisations where:

  • Business growth has meant that directors have less direct customer contact
  • There is limited customer contact, but retention is important to profitability
  • There are a large number of remote workers
  • The workforce is spread across multiple sites.

The dos and don’ts of newsletters
Sending out a newsletter that looks home-made or gives the wrong message can undermine your value proposition to customers and embarrass your workforce. Send a professionally produced newsletter with messages that support your customer relationships, and your workforce will help grow your organisation.

Effective newsletter copywriting goes beyond pure writing ability and reaches into the persuasion and sales skillsets provided by Solution Factors.

Examples of how newsletters have helped grow businesses
For example, an IFA organisation had been sending a regular newsletter to the same database, via email, for two years using another PR and marketing agency – it hadn’t produced a single lead. When the task was handed over to Solution Factors, the same database started to produce qualified, new business leads within the first two months of use.

On other occasions, in technology companies, newsletters have simply nudged corporate customers to contact their account manager.

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