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Writing and Editing Corporate and Membership Magazines

Creating or editing and proofreading magazine copy is a specialist job as it can play a vital role in communicating to customers, your membership base or potential prospects. Outsourcing is by far the most efficient approach to magazine content copywriting and editing.

Here’s an example of how Solution Factors was instrumental in trebling the response rate of a charity’s membership magazine:

“Working with Solution Factors has been a revelation in just how valuable it is to ensure that SIA’s media/marketing/copywriting partner has a full understanding of, and empathy with, the needs of spinal cord injured people. Solution Factors has been working with SIA for the past eight months, writing both media articles and fundraising copy for SIA’s flagship magazine FORWARD, during which time the number of SIA members taking up fundraising activities has more than tripled. We fully attribute this to the sensitive way in which Solution Factors writes its articles, whilst still ensuring that they are engaging and enticing to potential fundraisers. Rachael often uses case studies of spinal cord injured people in her articles to show other spinal cord injured people what can be achieved and how they too could get involved with supporting and raising funds for SIA.”

Gwen Pearson, Head of Fundraising at the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA)

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