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Marketing Material and Website Copywriting & Editing Services

Why does the copy in brochures, websites and direct marketing pieces do not portray efficiency and confidence?
Because the content is too wordy and fails to communicate a clear message.

A strong copywriter or editor is one of the most effective allies  a company can have, poor copywriting and proofreading services are the enemy of good sales lead generation.

UK based copywriter   
Solution Factors copywriting service excels in serving complex or technical and competitive markets. Its marketing material and website copywriter believes that it’s vital to ensure each client is presented in a way that can out-perform  direct competitors.

UK based editor
Companies sometimes produce copy for their PR  and marketing material in house, and find that it is too long or simply needs polishing. Solution Factors marketing material and website editing service adds a competitive edge to the text and ensures a professional finish.

Copy fit for international use and even royalty
Solution Factors in-house copywriter has written or edited highly competitive material for markets around the world, and even royalty, which have been of such high quality, they’ve been translated and re-used in non-English speaking countries.

"Solution Factors has helped us sustainably market SpecTRAX and launch PriceTRAX to internationally known mobile technology brands. They quickly understood our complicated, highly technical products and services, proactively attracted media attention to raise awareness, wrote marketing material from scratch and produced e-bulletin campaigns. This has increased our sales force activity using marketing to hand red-hot prospects to our internal sales teams for closing.”
Steve Entwistle, Vice President of Strategy Analytics

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