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Managing Marketing Suppliers

Unlike most other PR and marketing agencies and consultants, Solution Factors’ success is largely down to the fact that it does not subcontract services. All of the expertise and facilities are in house, and the pool of company-specific information that develops within the team plays a major role in aiding client growth.

Multiple suppliers managed by a single point of contact

As part of our outsourced marketing department solution, in instances where we do not have a specific discipline in house, we make recommendations from our preferred suppliers that we think would suit your organisation. For example, these often include:

  • Graphic designers
  • Website builders
  • Printers
  • Venue hire
  • Photographers
  • Corporate entertainment/hospitality
  • Commercial interiors designers.

As your marketing department, we ensure that each supply line is properly managed so you benefit from:

  • Largely working with a single point of contact rather than many suppliers
  • Our knowledge of the ‘going rates’
  • Our ability to manage suppliers and delivery deadlines
  • Only being involved in conversations that really need your input
  • Our ability to minimise your involvement in the approval process by only presenting you with elements that we’re totally satisfied with
  • our expertise in briefing and managing the production for the best possible output.

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