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Writing Bid and Tender Responses

Solution Factors frequently writes tender response documents, on behalf of clients in technology and construction services industries, for multi-million pound projects.


  1. After engaging a new prospect through social media, we completed a PQQ for a client, after which the company was shortlisted for an opportunity worth up to £3,000,000.
  2. Solution Factors wrote a £28-million bid tender for a large construction firm. According to vendor feedback, they were shortlisted on the strength of this document alone.

This service has enabled clients to be considered for, and sometimes win, large contracts that rely on a tendering system. Solution Factors has never missed a tender deadline and works hard to ensure that each client is seen in the best possible light.

Without this service, some organisations would not have the resource in house to complete the tendering documentation and would therefore miss out on these large, often much sought after and profitable opportunities.

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