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Social Media for Complex Industries and Sensitive Environments

Anyone can add posts to social media sites and build audiences through advertising, but how many social media consultants have effective copywriting skills and have made a real difference to the companies they work for?

Solution Factors’ social media services are provided as part of our outsourced marketing solution. This builds inherent knowledge within our service, so that your social media activities truly reflect the positive and interesting things going on in your organisation and industry.

Private sector example
Rachael of Solution Factors engaged a new prospect through social media and, as a result, the client was shortlisted for an opportunity worth up to £3,000,000.

Charity example
In the few weeks before National Adoption Week, Solution Factors ran a successful social media campaign for a local adoption charity. The campaign increased their Facebook post reach by over 3000%, created 190 new LinkedIn connections and opened a dialogue between the charity and potential adopters who saw the campaign. The success and originality of the campaign was later commended at a trustee day.

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