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On and Offline Direct Marketing

Regardless of whether you use promotional letters, email shots, literature and/or social media, your direct marketing techniques should generally produce the most leads. It’s also an area in which the most money is wasted if ineffective techniques, styles and messaging are used.

In truth, even though a business consultant might recommend it, if email, database or telephone direct marketing is done badly it can result in sales prevention rather than business growth.

What happens when you get direct marketing right?
Example 1: When Solution Factors provided maternity cover for SIA’s fundraising department, it provided the copy for the fundraising section of its magazine and the response rate trebled.

Example 2: By quickly understanding an international software company’s new products, Solution Factors was able to write marketing material and email campaigns from scratch, which produced a first sale of more than $35,000. Now the new products are used by some of the world’s best-known mobile phone brands.

Example 3: The founder of Solution Factors demystified Thesaurus Computer Services’ (now part of ComputaCenter) offering, and promoted it through direct marketing, which helped take them from £8 to £24 million in 6 years.

Example 4: After taking over the direct marketing of an IFA company from another agency, Solution Factors began generating qualified business leads from a database that had produced nothing for two years. By polishing the client’s website content and taking over e-newsletter creation and follow-up, Solution Factors handed well-qualified leads to the IFA for closure.

Example 5: In the few weeks before National Adoption Week, Solution Factors ran a successful social media campaign for a local adoption charity. The campaign increased their Facebook post reach by over 3000%, created 190 new LinkedIn connections and opened a dialogue between the charity and potential adopters who saw the campaign. The success and originality of the campaign was later commended at a trustee day.

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